The Services of Bio Elpida in Testing
Immuno-assay and analytical tests

Bio Elpida focuses on Human bio-analysis and immuno-testing of cell based therapies and proposes immuno-testing as well as other analytical tests.


Bio Elpida provides existing and novel immuno-assay designs and methods for immuno testing:
  • Flow cytometry for known antibodies and antibodies development,
  • Immuno-histology,
  • ELISA for cytokines:
  • IL-1
  • IL-4
  • IL-10
  • IL-12p40
  • EPO
  • IL-2
  • IL-5
  • TNF alpha
  • IL-12p70
  • EGFR
  • IL-3
  • IL-6
  • VEGF
  • IL-8
  • etc

    Other Analytical Tests

    Additionally to immuno-testing, Bio Elpida can provide other analytical tests including the following services:
    • Molecular biology
    • Virus and TSE safety studies
    • Microbiological analysis in hemoculture
    • Protein Chemistry
    • Cell Line Characterisation
    • Bioassays

    Potency Assay...

    3 questions to Fanny DE LUCA, Quality Control Manager

    What is a Potency Assay?

    It is a control method that uses a biological test to analyse the response of a defined dose of a product. The test provides an answer relating to the functional activity of the product or the drug being tested. These tests can includes techniques such as flow cytometry or ELISA.

    What is it used for?

    A Potenty Test is of course essential to validate the quality of a product. This is especially true in biology in which variability is present whatever project. It also enables to carry stability studies that are essential during the initial phases of a clinical trials.
    Potenty Test is one of the mainstay of the validations of production batches.

    What does Bio Elpida offer in this context?

    We can have an hand on very early stages, with proposals for innovative in vitro tests meeting the specific quality objectives of a manufactured product. We can also develop tests or, if they exist, transfer technologies until validation of the methods.
    This broad range of intervention is possible at Bio Elpida thanks to the multidisciplinary skills of the Quality Control team. It is these skills that enables us to adapt to customer needs and to the development stage of a project.

    Bio Elpida

    Founded in 2009, Bio Elpida is a Biotechnology Contract Development and Manufacturing Company specialised in the development and manufacturing of innovative cell therapies.

    The expertise of the company covers 3 areas:
    In these areas, Bio Elpida offers services that include:
    Bio Elpida is the first French laboratory certified by the French Health Authorities (MSNA) as a Pharmaceutical Company and authorised to manufacture Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for experimental biological pharmaceuticals.

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